The Art of Screaming

Susan M. Carr’s “The Art of Screaming Workshop” has been presented at major voice conferences. It was featured at the National Association of Teachers of Singing in Portland, Oregon, the international organization P.A.V.A., and Musicians for Equal Opportunity for Women Conference in Austin, Texas. Susan has been published in Spin magazine, Seattle Magazine, Alternative Press, and Revolver. Please contact Susan for a workshop at: or 310-753-8195.

Lost My Voice

Susan also has produced a one woman multi-media show called “Lost My Voice.” It is a personal journey in which she re-creates how she lost her voice and regained it back with the help of ENT Dr. Merati of the University of Washington. The show deals deeply with the shame that many singers feel when they have lost their commodity – their voice.

Length of show is: 60 minutes