Susan M. Carr – Vocal Teacher

teacher-newMany agents and record labels send their talent to Susan because she is a superior technical teacher. She prepares her students for recording, touring, and presentation of their own original material. Her teaching emphasizes strong technique for all performers. Susan works to give each one the power, range, tone, and endurance necessary to complement the development of a unique and personal voice.

Between 1978 and 1996, Susan Carr developed a well-known vocal studio for singers in Seattle. Susan taught in New York for one year, in 1997, and then in Los Angeles for the following seven years. Susan is a longtime member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. Many of her students have attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Susan’s son, Wolf Carr, is also a vocal teacher in the Seattle area ( and is featured in The Art of Screaming iPhone app.

Currently teaching in Seattle and Los Angeles, Susan has had the pleasure of working with numerous Grammy-nominated and upcoming bands and artists, including:

Alice in Chains
The Head & The Heart
Rachel Taylor
Chastity Belt
Alien Ant Farm
Drowning Pool
Hey Marseilles
Minus The Bear
Sunny Day Real Estate
Other students include:
The Cute Lepers • Varsity Week  •  John Cho (Actor) • Bryan Greenberg (Actor) • Nathaniel Ratcliff & The Night Sweats • The Flavr Blue • Paper Bird • Girl on Fire • Beauty in the Breakdown • Stitched Up Heart • First Decree • Inner Oceans • The Blue Ridge • Biohazard • Pickwick • Helles Belles  • Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter • The Boss Martians • Vendetta Red • Boy Hits Car • Hanzel Und Gretyl • The Presidents of the United States • Gosling • Aiden • Droid • Sweetwater  • Skinyard • All • Truly • Head Like a Kite • Witchburn • Motopony  • The Spitting Cobras • Kulture Shock • The Crying Spell • Machina/Future Leaders of the World • Sage • My Name • Helms Alee


Student Testimonials

“Back in my early 20’s I took lessons from Sue. I was tearing my voice up singing in a really loud band. Sue gave me techniques that I still use to this day. But what I loved about her most was her sensitivity and warmth, her amazing ability to connect the spirit with the body. She was more like my guru then my voice teacher. I’ve never taken lessons since because I never needed to. Everything I needed I got from her. ” – Jesse Sykes and The Sweet Hereafter

“When I first started working with Sue, I was more of a “screaming stylist” than a singer. So many bad singing habitis had become ingrained over time. I realized that as I was growing as a musician and an artist. But I hit a wall as a singer. Sue’s knowledge and inspiring yet no-nonsense approach got me on the right track. She got what I was trying to do and helped make what usde to be a frustrating struggle into an effortless and pleasurable experience. Years later the lessons I’ve learned from Sue continue to reveal even deeper truths as I explore the possibilities of my voice.” – Robert Roth of Truly

“HEY SUSAN! its chris ballew from the Presidents…still using your techniques but added Qigong to the mix” – Chris Bellew of Presidents of the United States

“Though no one thought it possible, myself included, Susan Carr actually taught me how to sing! Using the techniques she helped me develop, I believe my voice has continued to improve over the past 10 years. Thanks Sue!” – PK Dwyer 2005 Seattle Weekly “Best in Blues” Music Award

“Sue Carr goes beyond vocal coaching; she gets into your being and nurtures your person as well as your performer. Taking lessons from Sue, I not only developed a stronger voice and a wider vocal range, but a stronger relationship between my voice and my emotions. Sue’s lessons have stayed with me and continue to help me grow and nurture my voice and how I express my emotions within my music. – Carrie Clark of Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Doves